If winter isn’t your thing, here are 7 ways to embrace the season anyway

If winter isn't your thing, here are 7 ways to embrace the season anyway

1. Pick up a new skill.

My plans for this year include taking advantage of the newly opened golf course near our house and picking up the sport of cross-country skiing.

2. The best way to get vitamin D in the winter is to go for walks.

Take off your sunglasses if you can, even if just for a little while!

3. Create a strategy.

3. Create a strategy.

The importance of planning ahead to give yourself a goal to work toward cannot be overstated. It could be as easy as going out for coffee, or as complicated as organizing a weeklong vacation. In the meantime, I’m organizing a January cabin weekend for my friends and I. My boyfriend Joe and I have also planned a trip for our spring break. For both of these reasons, I cannot wait!

4. Recognize the challenge.

There are, without a doubt, times during the winter that are challenging for everyone. It’s okay to point out the season’s flaws, but you should try to move past them in the story. My next point is related to this one.

5. Make a list of the things you love about each other.

Make a list of the things about winter that you enjoy, even if the season is brief. Then, when you need a refresher, come back and read it.

6. Do some light exercise.

6. Do some light exercise.

Put in at least ten or twenty minutes of vigorous activity per day. One of my favorite ways to lift my spirits is with this. If you can bundle up and do it outside, that’s even better.

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7. Get your coat and gloves ready.

In states like Minnesota, where the winters can be brutal, I have learned that being well prepared is the key to embracing the season. As the temperature outside drops, it becomes increasingly important to have the proper cold weather clothing. Some of my go-to items for keeping toasty are:

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