Tips for Raising Adolescent Boys: (Mostly) From Personal Experience

Tips for Raising Adolescent Boys: (Mostly) From Personal Experience
  • In a similar vein, stock up on board games, card games, and musical instruments (Catan, Kan Jam, a couple of ukuleles) to give the kids a wide variety of entertainment options, including ones that you won’t mind them engaging in.
  • Don’t lower your teen’s self-respect. Items like acne wash and deodorant can be discretely purchased and left out if they are needed. Is there anything you used to do while you were in there with the door open? Toe in the sink while you shave, tights up, beard tweezed? Please lock the door behind you. If your son walks by on his way to the cold cuts, you may experience some comedic horror-movie-type horror.
  • For everybody’s sake, knock before entering. In fact, you should probably bang a gong outside the door before you knock.
  • Snap a photo of the mountain of oversized footwear currently stacked by your front door; you’ll long for those days when they’re gone.
  • Insist that they learn a vital life skill, like writing thank-you notes, at a young age. Methods of listening and questioning. I’ll show you how to confidently enter the kitchen and announce, “I’m ready to get to work.” To get in touch with their representatives to voice their concerns. How to do basic chores like cleaning a bathroom, doing laundry, or making scrambled eggs. How to calmly demonstrate how to use their new iPhones while sitting on the couch between their grandparents, nodding slowly and saying, “Here, let me show you,” while their grandparents fret that Google is missing.

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